Your reference roofers in the Montreal Rive-Sud

Roofing South Shore inc. is an expert company in the installation and repair of roofs. With more than 20 years of experience as roofers, we are able to operate for the installation, renovation and repair of your roof.

We are specialized in asphalt shingles, but can also work on the roof underlayment, the attic or the eaves.

We mainly propose our services to a residential clientele in the Montérégie sector.

Our roof covering services

roofs installation

Our company has done work on roofing asphalt shingles and roof ventilation its specialties. However, our versatility allows us to operate for the installation, refurbishment and maintenance of all elements of your roof, regardless of its manufacturing material.

Our rigour and professionalism guarantee durability and aesthetics for your cover.

The membrane of your roof is damaged because of bad weather? You notice water seepage coming from your roof in your house?

Trust us to:

– Installation of soffits and fascias
– Ventilation of attics (certificate in hand)
– Laying of aluminum coating (tinsmith)
– Aluminum moulding bending (custom-made)
– Gutter works

Our expertise is recognized by both our customers and our peers. Proof of your know-how, we are BP certified Roofers. Whatever type of roof you have, rely on our expertise to perform a pose and a maintenance in the rules of the art.

Our materials

The quality of finishing of the roof will play a big role in the durability of this one as well as in your daily comfort. Indeed, in addition to protecting your home from the weather and the problems they can cause (water infiltration in particular), a roof will also play a role in the insulation of your home.

That’s why we use carefully chosen materials for their reliability for all our roofing work.

We are using :

Asphalt Roofing Shingles


Laminate Shingles :

  • Manoir
  • Everest 42 (EST seulement)
  • Mystique 42 (EST)
  • Harmony 42 / Mystique 42 (OUEST)


3-Tab Shingles :

  • Yukon SB
  • Dakota


  • Start strip

Eave protection

  • Gripgard
  • Weathertex
  • Smooth Surface Roll Roofing
  • Slate Surface Roll Roofing
  • NIS Roll Roofing

Eave protection



  • Suredeck
  • Deckgard
  • #15 CSA Classic
  • #15 CSA Perforated
  • #15 CSA Pro
  • #15 CSA Pro-LW
  • #30 D4869
  • #15 D4869
  • Type 15
  • #15 ASTM
  • #15 D4869 Heavy Duty
  • Type 30 Heavy
  • Type 30
  • #30 ASTM

For more information, please contact us directly at (450) 635-8148 or at (514) 726-7033. We are also reachable via our contact page.